it all starts with a great domain Domains

Domain TLD Pricing
domain tld 1 year renewal transfer whois privacy
.com $23 $23 $23 $6 buy
.net $25 $25 $25 $6 buy
.org $24 $24 $24 $6 buy
.io $55 $55 $55 $6 buy
.ai $110 $110 N/A $6 buy
.dev $25 $25 $25 $6 buy
.app $25 $25 $25 $6 buy
.gg $110 $115 $110 N/A buy
.club $20 $21 $22 $6 buy
.info $21 $22 $21 $6 buy
.me $35 $35 $35 $6 buy
.online $55 $55 $55 $6 buy
.xyz $19 $21 $19 $6 buy
.site $30 $30 $30 $6 buy
.art $21 $21 $21 $6 buy
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Frequently asked questions.
You can lease a domain name for a minimum of 12 months, or one year at a time. In some cases you can lease the domain for longer periods of time (i.e for 3 years)
By leasing a domain name, you purchase the ability to control the name through us. Once the lease period (of at least one year) passes, you need to either renew it and pay the fee or you will lose access to the domain name and anyone will be able to lease it
Put simply, yes.
Your domain is basically the address which you connect to your hosting, so that the people of the internet can find your website quickly and easily. With a domain, but no hosting, you would have an address but nothing at that address. Think of it like owning a block of land but not building on it